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Why outsource to the experts?

It’s tax time, and like me, you probably just hand the job over to your accountant or tax agent and let them do what they know best. That’s one less thing to worry about when your priority is focusing on your business. You’re probably already juggling several tasks, depending how many staff you have: Responding to customer queries, planning business strategies, delivering your services and/or goods, looking for new clients, and so on. Who’s got time for social media, or writing a blog or two? The growing numbers of people online these days provides an essential platform for you to interact with existing – and potential – customers and increase your brand awareness. However, the constantly changing online environment also makes it difficult to stay up to date with different social platforms, strategies and content creation – especially when that’s not your, or your team’s, thing. Just like your tax agent, a social media or content writer – or any other expert who can support you – generally has years of experience in their field and can provide you with specific services to help raise your online profile and grow your business. Think of them as your extended team, without the overheads of a full-time employee. When you factor in training, office equipment, uniform, salary, taxes, annual/sick/personal leave, it could potentially cost you an extra $10,000 for each employee (above their wage). Benefits to your business Unless you have the time or skills to look after your online marketing yourself, outsourcing to an expert can:
  • Save time – they can deliver the job quickly and more efficiently
  • Deliver quality work – they’re only focused on a specific job
  • Keep you focused – through a clear strategy and goals tailored for your business
  • Provide a fresh perspective – they have new ideas and use strategies that work
  • Reduce stress – you and your team can focus on what you do best, without worrying about writing or scheduling social posts
  • Increase finance opportunities – they can improve your success with tender or business grant submissions
Your outsourcing checklist Have a think about how and why you would outsource jobs:
  • Set clear goals – what do you want help with?
  • How often do you need their services – weekly, monthly?
  • Budget – will you pay a per project fee or hourly rate?
  • Agency or individual expert – use someone who provides whole project management (writing and scheduling social posts) or specific tasks (copywriting only)?
  • Ask for recommendations – talk to other businesses that outsource to experts.
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