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Real estate and the power of videos

A picture paints a thousand words – but not always when showcasing property. We all know how difficult it can be to get that perfect photo highlighting each element of a room or a property! Are you seeking ways to get those properties sold faster, where you are really able to show off that gorgeous master bedroom, the spacious modern kitchen and exquisite surrounds? Your road to success has been paved with the help of video marketing which gives potential clients a positive, interactive experience that ultimately allows them to convey the right information, resulting in more lead conversions and sales. Strong, high-quality videos provide the potential to reach a wider target audience. It is also more convenient in relation to being faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns that we are currently experiencing. No more lockdown regulation woes, clients can have a tour with a simple tap of their screen! You will save yourself time, and money, by knowing that those who show up are there for the right reasons and not just for the free drinks and snacks! Feast your eyes on this brilliant video footage by Darren Miles. By providing video testimonials and showcasing the most beautiful areas, breath-taking angles and views, you will be able to provide your potential buyers with a more organic approach that is short, sweet, exciting and unique. Facebook conducted a global survey and the results were phenomenal. Instagrammers are 80% more inclined to buy a product or service after watching Instagram reels. Yes! Those short, little reels can hold some great value after all! So why not take advantage and dive deep into our wonderful world of technology and soar to great new heights! Parker Walbek does a great job at providing 10 great tips on how you can get the perfect shots to ramp up those sales! He provides detailed behind-the-scenes footage on his process of filming real estate videos. Check it out here: By making use of video advertising on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, you are more likely to reach your target audience. McCarthy & Stone saw 4.3 times the property sales leads in comparison to their previous year by simply branching out their marketing strategies to social media platforms. Now, who wouldn’t want to show off their potential new office space, or home-sweet-home on social media? Who wouldn’t want to proudly own it after all those likes, comments and shares expressing just how unique and beautiful it is? Not sure where to start? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Feel free to contact us for social media strategies and we’ll find the solutions for you! Video credits: McGrath Port Macquarie; Parker Walbek via YouTube; Darren Miles via YouTube. #SocialMediaAgency #SocialMediaMarketing #DigitalMarketing #SocialMediaStrategy #PickledPearMedia


Just shoot me…no more long-drawn-out-nights analysing!

The digital cavalry has arrived, brandishing APIs like Excalibur to slay the data dragon. Let's dive into the modern marvels of AgencyAnalytics, Whatagraph, Supermetrics, and DashThis , and see how they compare in the grand tournament of marketing efficiency.

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Creating regular blogs, social media posts or videos can be time consuming – if not daunting. Content creation means you share your knowledge, insights and opinions through your original content. It allows you to be creative, highlight your expertise and provide targeted content to your specific audience.

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Keeping your target audience engaged and interested is an absolute must! This can be achieved by being up to date and informed of the wants & needs of your audience for long-term success.

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Outsourcing to a social media agency for your social media strategy and content, will provide you with specific services to help raise your online profile, meet your objectives and KPIs, and grow your business.

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