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Create your own or share existing content?

Creating regular blogs, social media posts or videos can be time consuming – if not daunting. Content creation means you share your knowledge, insights and opinions through your original content. It allows you to be creative, highlight your expertise and provide targeted content to your specific audience. While you’ve probably got lots of great ideas, expert tips and industry insights to share, you might only have time to write 1-2 blogs each month. And, well, making videos might not be your thing. Besides, your followers will soon get bored if you’re constantly promoting your own products or services. So how do you fill the gaps to ensure you stay connected with your online audience while providing them with relevant and useful content? Using curated content means you share other people’s social posts, blogs or videos. They may have ideas, tips or resources outside of your own expertise, but still provide value for your followers. For example, if you’re in the real estate business – or a builder, or interior decorator – you could share existing content about DIY renovations, interior design tips, how to grow your own herb garden, how to waterproof your garage, or what type of building materials are best for an outdoor deck. This not only provides your audience with fresh content, it saves you time and effort, and helps you to build relationships with others in your industry. If you’re sharing other people’s content, chances are they’ll also share your original content. Of course, you should make sure the information is relevant to your audience, and you’re only sharing from trusted sources, such as your industry body or recognised business experts. And remember to acknowledge the source. How do you find the balance between posting self-promotional, educational and informational content?
  1. Start by writing a list of your areas of expertise – what can you comfortably talk/write about?
  2. Where are your gaps?
  3. Who do you follow that provides complementary or relevant content that would be suitable for your audience?
  4. Make a monthly plan – for example, you could have a monthly theme and alternate between created and curated content each week.
  5. Start off by sharing 40% created and 60% curated content and adjust it from there depending how your audience responds.
Alternatively, if you prefer to focus on your core business, outsourcing your content strategy and development is always an efficient and effective option. Start a discussion and get your content strategy right, contact Pickled Pear Media.


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